Why Start Big Fish Design?

Irritated by the poor browsing options available, Big Fish Design’s inaugural product would be the Squint ™ Browser. Every detail of Squint ™ was designed with the user in mind. Trademarked and patent-pending, Squint ™ proudly represents the quality of all Big Fish Design products.

Aaron became fascinated with his Smart Phone and proclaimed it the greatest gadget ever invented and founded Big Fish Design with a singular mission; to develop life-changing applications for mobile platforms.

What are we up to?

Guzzling Energy Drinks 60
Coding 90
Squinting 95
Nit Picking Design 75

Meet Our Team

Aaron Lyman
Aaron LymanPresident & Founder
Aaron Lyman has been an innovator since birth. This engineering of the world around him led to a love of software development and a passion for technology and computers. Lyman has always been in search of great tools. Tractors to manage his real estate. Band-saws and planers to build the boats of his international charity. His Jordan basketball shoes. iPhone/iPad. Squint, the keyword browser. All great tools.

After completing his B.S. in Industrial Engineering at the University of Utah, Aaron held diverse positions in marketing and sales at NCR Microelectronics, Comlinear, Cirrus Logic, Ross Technologies, and ultimately SigmaTel Inc. in Austin, Texas. As Vice-President of Worldwide Sales at SigmaTel, he grew company revenues from less than $500 thousand to nearly $200 million in 2004.

During his career, Lyman drove sales to world number one status in four different high-volume consumer semiconductor markets. This led to successful SigmaTel initial and secondary public offerings of $275 million and a market value of greater than $1 billion. Lyman’s unique combination of engineering, sales and international marketing experience has positioned him to highly affect any organization he has been a part of.

After the disastrous earthquake and resulting tsunami hit Southeast Asia in 2004, Lyman established Austin International Rescue Operations – AIRO – to build and donate fishing boats to tsunami victims. Using local craftsmen, AIRO built and donated more than 200 fully-equipped fishing boats to needy families. AIRO was completely turned over to the local people and continues to construct fishing boats under the coconut trees of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Finding time to feed the foxes, hummingbirds and deer from his home in Texas, Aaron Lyman innovates and improves daily as he manages his businesses and life. His favorite tools are certain to be nearby.

Dave King
Dave KingVP of Sales
Our VP of Sales is Dave King, An industry professional in mobile communications, Biometrics, and Software solutions. He has had the privilege to lead some great teams at Dialog, Fairchild, Freescale/Sigmatel and has been an integral part during their high growth periods. Dave’s unique problem solving style has led to various company and customer awards. He is an active Stanford Alumni and has worked at such Giants as Ford, Boeing , Teledyne, Harris , Panasonic as well as local and international startups and is well known at all the Major OEM’s worldwide.
Kathryn Howard
Kathryn HowardIntellectual Property Attorney
Our Intellectual Property Attorney is Kathryn Howard. Kathryn holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a J.D. from William Mitchell School of Law. She managed teams for Rosemount in the areas of digital and analog circuit design, semiconductor process and pressure sensor development. As Sr. Attorney/General Counsel at CyberOptics, she was responsible for all aspects of IP protection. Now at Big Fish Design, her insights have been invaluable as she has driven our overall IP portfolio.
Taylor Lyman
Taylor LymanGraphic Designer
Taylor Lyman has an eye for detail. As Big Fish Design’s graphic designer, Taylor has applied his special style throughout our brand. Big Fish Design’s introductory videos, tutorials, visual layout and the overall branding of our products has been driven by Taylor. As every pixel of our designs is scrutinized by Taylor and his team, the results are artistically beautiful applications.

Calling Salt Lake City, Utah home has given Taylor the unique opportunity to film professional snowboarders in their natural habitat. He has film credits in the Never Summer video “Days of Chunder” and has filmed professionals that ride for Volcom, Spy, Candy Grind, and Neff. His interest in film and video production started when he was tasked with running the video camera while his brother skateboarded. At 13 he got his own video camera for Christmas and the world became his subject.

Currently Taylor is a Media Arts major at Brigham Young University. He recently transferred from Brigham Young University-Idaho where he studied communication with an emphasis on visual media and video production. Taylor hopes to use his experiences with Squint to market his own line of snowboard gear.

Harlee Lyman
Harlee LymanCreative Producer
Harlee Lyman brings a unique perspective to every project he undertakes. Whether working on cars, building bicycles from the ground up, or shoveling snow for a professional snowboard photo shoot; he always comes ready to work. As the Squint product tester and in-house writer/PR guy, Harlee brings a sense of fresh air to an organization full of tech guys.

Art, photography and writing have always been a part of Harlee’s life. His art pieces are on display throughout his house and everyone he knows has at least one in the living room. Currently enrolled at the University of Utah, Harlee’s major is in Communications with an emphasis in written journalism and photojournalism.

Harlee prepares wedding announcements, family portraits and sporting events by manipulating the worlds light though the lens of his camera. As a writer for brockbutterfield.com and competitor in various amateur writing contests, Harlee hopes to one day write the great American novel.

Sheila Anderson
Sheila AndersonOffice Manager
Sheila Anderson is our office manager and another veteran from Cygnal, Silicon Labs and the successful SigmaTel IPO. Sheila runs payroll and exactly maintains our financial accounts, backlogs and forecasts. She has established processes for taxes and data back-up that keep us compliant and secure.

Sheila’s diverse responsibilities at BFD reflect her varied activities and interests such as her volunteer work with Casting for Recovery, a program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing, and her passion for traveling – and sailing – around the world. We count on Sheila’s exposure to Asian cultures and world business practices to ensure we always think globally.

With her Bachelor of Business Administration from Southwest Texas State University (graduating Summa Cum Laude with a perfect GPA), her service in the United States Air Force as a Telecommunications Systems Control Specialist and her active Residential Real Estate license, Sheila brings experience and structure to our growing company.

Joe Kirby
Joe KirbyWeb Developer
While lovin’ life in California, Joe finds time as a husband and father of 4 to multitask graphic design, web development, work with youth at his church, and many other things.

“Do what you love, and love what you do.”

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