Introducing Squint CarPlay

Check out the video! Squint CarPlay is Web Content at Your Voice.

The alternative to lame radio, music and e-books, Squint upgrades your car infotainment system. Coming Soon!






Powered by your Keywords and Web Favorites, Squint delivers fresh, relevant content wherever you are.

We welcome OEM’s, Partners, Investors and the Media.
Please contact Aaron Lyman at for more information.

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Keyword Suggestions

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Big Fish Design Announces the Release of Squint The Keyword Web Browser to Apple’s App Store for Approval

We would like to present you with the culmination of a vision sparked many months ago. The Squint ™ project has come a long way since then. We are proud to announce that Squint ™ The Keyword Web Browser has been released to Apple’s App Store for their review and approval. We have gone through many variations in order to define, simplify, and develop the revolutionary concept of Keyword Browsing. From our colorful button to the large pages, Squint ™ was designed to make browsing on mobile devices both fun and efficient. With patents filed and trademarks registered, Squint ™ is now ready to be enjoyed by the world.

Along with our app, we have virtually all other support materials ready for our product launch this month. Our introductory video, tutorials, Squint ™ examples, press materials and biographies of our team can be found at our awesome website at

The […]

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Squint Browser Promotional Video

Created by Taylor Lyman

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Testers & Friends of BFD

The team at Big Fish Design is focused on the people who use our products. We extend our greatest thanks for getting involved and sticking through this time with us. Squint is now ready to be enjoyed and shared among our group and the world. Now we ask that you please download, install, and enjoy this latest build of Squint. We welcome all of our friends to send feedback and suggest improvements as we continue on our journey to create the world’s best browsing experience.

If you are reading this then you have had the privilege of visiting our new website. If you are a tester we have added the test site to your favorites, so you can easily keep up with our progress as we are rapidly approaching product launch!

The BFD Team

Aaron Lyman – President and Founder

Nathan Bloom – Website Developer
Taylor Lyman – Media
Harlee Lyman – Creative Producer

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