The Keyword

Content Discovery

Squint extracts and delivers your Keyword Content immediately, in a consistent and organized manner.
Squint empowers YOU to deliver your own Personal Content.

Research shows that people are getting sick of apps. Most aren’t cool anymore. We agree.
Other apps send you Content important to them. “News Curator” apps (Google News, Yahoo News Digest, Flipboard) collect articles across the web and they decide what you will see and when. Each app has a different layout and user experience.
Other News Apps make you wait hours for refreshed Content. Only 47 minutes until my next HitFix! Oh, the anticipation!
Other apps decide what you will see, re-packaging news with creepy color tints and abbreviated versions of the original article. Only 11 hours until my next morning digest…I can hardly wait!
Until Squint, Browser technology had changed very little since the 1990’s. Over 20 years of the same, stale concept. Faster and more complicated Browsers only increased the onslaught of data, with little attention paid to users.
Everyone, it seems, believes THEY can deliver Personal Content to you. But (sadly) their efforts are usually focused on how they can score more of your cash, without regard to you or your Content.
Squint is a powerful alternative. Squint replaces thousands of tired apps and crusty, old Browsers with a fresh approach to Content Discovery. Squint empowers YOU to deliver your own Personal Content. Toss all those VHS tapes, flip-phones, junk Browsers and annoying apps…and Discover Squint!
Set up web Favorites and Personal Keywords. Then Browse any website.
Squint extracts and delivers your Keyword Content immediately. Content is organized and consistent regardless of website.