Keyword Browsing Squint Effects Double tap the Squint button to instantly turn Squint Effects on/off.   When on, Squint searches the current web page for your Keywords, highlights the Results, organizes and delivers them to you in the Panel.  When off, Squint Search is disabled and Effects are removed from the browser window.
Keyword Browsing Panel Single tap the Squint button to open/close the Panel.  Choose Keywords or Results at the top of the Panel.
Keyword Editor Add Keywords Squint’s innovative Keyword system sets it apart from all other web browsers. From the top of the Panel, choose Keywords.  The Keywords List will show.  Tap a Keyword to edit it or tap the “+” to add a Keyword.
Keyword Editor Lots of Keywords Keywords are things that matter to you and drive everything in Squint, so add a bunch.  Use 10, 20, 30 or more Keywords as you browse to immediately find and deliver personal, relevant content.
Keyword Editor Mark Effects Use Mark to choose from 6 colors (or no color) to Live ™ Highlight and extract your content.  Never miss your important stuff again.
Keyword Editor Snip Effects Snip blocks content you are just not ready to see.  Snipped Results are blacked-out in the Browser window and hidden until you tap the Keyword to reveal them.  Not ready for the score?  Sick of the hype?  Snip it!
Keyword Editor Warp Effects Use Warp to actively change and replace terms on each page.  Nickname Facebook friends, sports teams, politicians and celebrities.  Warp also includes Live ™ Highlighting colors, chosen by you.  It’s your Internet, have some fun!
Keyword List Sort Keywords Sort Keywords by Date, Time and Type and otherwise manage them here.
Navigation Smart URL Window Tap the Smart URL Window to both navigate to your preferred websites and to perform web searches – all in the same window.  Suggestions are provided to help you quickly choose Recent Searches, History and Favorites.
Navigation Favorite Websites Set up Favorites to quickly navigate to your preferred websites.  Choose Menu/Add Favorite on your iPhone or iPad.
Navigation Copy – Define – Speak – Share All standard, Browser page features on your devices are supported.  Tap within the web page and select from the Menu.
Personal Search Local Search Engine Squint is your personal, local search engine.  Squint searches every element (word) of any web page you visit for all your Keywords simultanously, all within fractions of a second.  Instantly see if there is something of interest on the web page before you waste any time reading it.
Personal Search Search Data Squint provides Search Data on every page you visit. Quickly determine the power, efficiency and throughness of your Personal Search tool.  Tap Results to close Search Data, tap again to collapse all Keyword Results.
Personal Search Squints A “Squint” is when you search for all of your Keywords on a webpage simultaneously.
Personal Search Keywords Found The number of Keywords found Today on the current page, shown next to the Squint button and in the Stats at the top of the Panel.  12/30 indicates 12 Keywords were found on the last search of the page out of 30 total active Keywords searched for.
Personal Search Time of Search The time it took to perform the last Squint Search, in seconds.
Personal Search Squints Per Second Squints per second are calculated as #Elements x # Keywords / time of Search.  (3000 Elements x 20 Keywords) / (.4 seconds) = 150k Squints per second.  A powerful tool!
Personal Search Show Text Results Include Text Results of your Keywords.  Turn on and off in Menu/Settings.  When turned off, only link Results will be shown.
Web Search Integrated Web Search Engines Select your default web search engine from within Squint by tapping Menu/Settings/Search Engine.  Choose from DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing and Yahoo.
Web Search Squint Power Search Make your web search a Squint Power Search!  When you do a web search, just add a Squint Keyword as well.  Search Results are now personal…organized and presented your way, not how the web search engines want you to see them.  You will be amazed!
Content Discovery Find Multiple Keywords Squint finds multiple Keywords simultaneously on every page as you browse.  Each Keyword instance is embolded and adjacent text is highlighted to create a pleasing, well-designed look.  See your Keywords in context.
Content Discovery Close Panel on Selection Found in Settings, if this is on, when you tap a link Result, the Panel will close and the Browser will go to the link in a full Browser window.  Turn it off to keep the Panel open on selection.
Siri Support Voice Narrator The Narrator announces “Squint found!” then reads aloud your Keywords found on the page.  Within Results, tap the keyword speaker to hear your content.  Choose Menu/Settings to activate Narrator.  Tap the speaker again to play or stop Narrator.
Siri Support Voice Commands Stay tuned, more voice stuff is coming soon!
Apple Watch Browsing on Apple Watch Only Squint supports Browsing on Apple Watch.  Set up personal Keywords and web Favorites on your iPhone, they show up on your Watch.  To initially load data to the Watch, ensure the iPhone is on and that the Squint app is open and Squint Effects are on (the Squint button is in color).  On the Watch, tap “Update” to re-Squint the Favorite website. The iPhone performs the Squint function and returns the Results, including images, to the Watch.  Results remain on the Watch even when your iPhone is locked.  The Watch mirrors the Squint Panel on your iPhone.
Apple Watch Watch Dock Support Open Squint initially from the Home screen, then access it quickly from the Dock
Apple Watch Keywords Add and edit Keywords on your iPhone.  They automatically synch up to your Watch.
Apple Watch Favorites Set up web Favorites and name them on your iPhone.  They show up on your Watch, along with the website favicon symbol if it is available.
Apple Watch Results Tap a Favorite to immediately view Squint Results. The Watch instantly Squints that website and organizes and displays your Keyword Results.  Results are synched and show on the Watch and on your iPhone.
Sharing Post to Facebook Log in under Menu/Settings/Facebook.  Then share and post articles from any web page directly to Facebook.
Sharing Email Screenshot Only Squint allows you to directly Email a Screenshot of the page you are visiting to others.  Share Small, Medium, Large or Actual Size images to enhance your message.
Sharing Email Link Email a Link to a friend.  Tap Menu/Email Link.
Sharing Email PDF Only Squint includes a free PDF Emailer.  Select Menu/Email PDF to immediately create and email a PDF of your current pages.  Worth the price for this feature alone!
Sharing Open Email in Squint Squint allows your email recipient to immediately open a link within the Squint app.  If they do not have the Squint app, there is also a link to open within their default browser.
Security Safe and Secure Squint is built using Apple’s Webview; a safe and secure web engine.  Squint has no accounts, no sign-ups, no logins and no passwords.
Security True Private Browsing No record is ever kept of your browsing history beyond your personal device. Other browsers track you and require specific action by you to browse privately.
Security Clear History, Cookies and Data Vaporize your Trail!  Select Menu/Settings/Privacy to Clear History, Cookies and Data.
Support Email Us! Email our support team directly under Menu/Settings/Support to request Help or to offer suggestions.  If you love Squint, please tell others.  If not, please tell us!