The Keyword

Personal Search

Squint works in conjunction with traditional Search engines
Improving your Browsing experience
Traditional search engines store data from thousands of websites in vast server-farms.

You and your search results are auctioned off to the highest bidder.

You are given millions of results, along with a vague description, sorted presumably by importance.

Important to whom? Who prioritized these Results and decided which ones you will see? Hint: It wasn’t you!

Squint works in conjunction with traditional Search engines to improve your Browsing experience.

Add Keywords to customize the web.

Highlight your data!

Can’t miss it? Value your Content? Mark it!

Sick of the hype? Block the junk! Not ready for the score? Snip it!

Change it up! It’s your Internet… Have some fun! Nickname Facebook friends and celebrities.

Warp it!

Squint Searches your Favorite websites, those you know and trust.

Squint finds your Keywords and delivers organized Results.

Go ahead, use a bunch of Keywords… Squint can handle it! 10, 20, 30 or more work great. Brilliant!