In 2012, we set off on an incredibly audacious and aggressive mission – to build a new way to enjoy the internet. Yes, to “Make the internet great again!” We questioned every convention and every assumption of internet use as passionate users ourselves.

Henry Ford once famously said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” So it is with web browsers. Our invention would be a tool that empowers people to Browse, Search and Discover the web in a blend of innovation, familiarity and simplicity. Until Squint™ came along, no one realized how much they needed it. Driven by Personal Keywords and Favorite websites, Squint™ returns control to the People.

Squint™ was engineered to address a huge flaw of technology: Data overload. The web has become bloated, commercially-driven and user un-friendly. High-bandwidth internet connections and cheaper memory, components and devices have only accelerated this onslaught. You are bombarded relentlessly. Headlines, sports scores, politics, and reality show cliff-hangers coming at you without your permission and without your invitation. Websites with so much junk and clutter that you can’t find all the stuff you care about. So you try specific apps, but things just get worse.

Squint ™ is an entirely new way to browse the internet. It is a tool that empowers people to choose what they want to see or not see, and how they want to see it.

With Squint™, everything starts with a single word: a keyword. Keywords are things that matter to YOU. Double tap the magical Squint™ button to turn Squint™ effects on/off and single tap to for the Keywords and Results Panel. Keyword-driven browsing utilizes three radical functions:

Mark (Highlight your data), Snip (Cut the junk), Warp (Change it up. Go crazy).

Squint™ 1 was released to the App Store in 2013 to rave reviews. With our patent-pending, the revolutionary concept of Keyword Browsing was proven.
Check it out here: . We were methodical in our development and teamed up with the award-winning software engineers at Bohemian Innovation to ensure a quality, rock-solid product. Please look for Squint™ 2 in the App Store in August 2016 or contact us now to get an early beta copy.

If you would like to become more involved and would like to be a test user or need further information, please contact us at Of course, if you would like to be removed from our mailing list, just go here: We respect your privacy.

Thank you, please tell a friend and Viva La Revolución!

Aaron C. Lyman
President and Founder
Big Fish Design LLC

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