The Keyword

The Keyword Browser

Set up Keywords - things that matter to you
Then Browse your Favorite websites
iPad-keyword-2A really great Browser! Do it all… Email, Videos, Shopping, Banking, Everything.

Find, consume and share the web using Squint.

Squint is private, safe, secure and never tracks you. No sign-ups. No accounts. No log-ins. No passwords. No worries!

When Keywords and Favorites are deleted, they are permanently removed. Clear History,  Cookies and Data  under Menu / Settings to vaporize your trail.

Ad-Blockers are fashionable these days, but blocking ads only aids in removing some unwanted clutter, and does nothing to value the Content you care about.

Squint goes  beyond blocking ads by  enhancing your Content. Your content is highlighted on the web page.

Text, links and images based on your Keywords are extracted and beautifully presented in the Search Panel.

Squint is the only Content – Enhancer. Squint highlights and values your Content. Mark it and never miss a thing – Your Content is King! Your Content now takes center stage.

Squint also blocks unwanted Content. Just use Snip when setting up your Keywords.

Control what you see and minimize distractions.