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It’s easy!  Single Tap the Squint button to show Keywords and Results.  Double Tap to turn Squint on/off.  Enter Keywords (things that matter to you) and choose to Mark (highlight it), Snip (black it out) or Warp (Change it) as you browse.  All your Keywords follow you wherever you go on the internet.

So easy! Try Squint on Apple Watch.  Add Keywords and browse Favorites on your iPhone, Results mirror on your Watch.  Tap a Favorite on your Watch to see recent Results.  For fresh Results, tap Update and turn on your iPhone.  That’s it.  Brilliant!

Squint is now FREE and easy!  Start with 100 FREE Squints on 100 web pages.  (That’s a lot of Squints!) For each Squint, tap on and off as much as you like to power search each web page you visit for your keywords. When you change web pages, you use 1 Squint. Check your Squints Remaining at the top of Results.  Unlock the next 100 Squints for $.99 or choose Squint Unlimited for $1.99 (Best Value – Thank you!)


Highlight your invited data. See those headlines that you don’t want to miss. Browse, shop and socialize. Quickly find your valuable information.


Cut the junk. Snip sports scores, reality show spoilers and obnoxious news headlines until you are ready to see them.


Alter your world. Change it up. It’s your internet, how would you like your data? Nickname Facebook friends, sports teams, celebrities and politicians.

It’s here.  Squint the Keyword Browser 3.0.
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Squint is an entirely new way to browse the internet. A superior browser in every way, Squint is Driven by Keywords Chosen by YOU! Simply tap the magical Squint button and Love Your iDevices!