Xi'an Kangsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 1999, is located in Xi'an Hi-tech Development Zone, a new industrial park, specializing in RF coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, high-end cable assembly design, development, production and sales. Products using MIL, IEC, DIN and other international advanced standards and GB, GJB, SJ and other domestic standards, to domestic and foreign users with RF coaxial connectors, RF cable components, high and low frequency mixed connector, micro rectangular connector, high and low frequency Integrated connectors, millimeter-wave connectors 3.5 (35GHz), 2.92 (40GHz), 2.4 (50GHz), SMP, SSMP (40GHz) and other types of products. Products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, military communications equipment, radar, telecommunications, weapons, military electronic equipment and other high-tech fields. For the national military projects for many years supporting services.

The company has R & D center, production department, marketing department, technical quality department, technology department, testing center, high-end cable assembly assembly production line, production workshop, trial workshop, office, finance department, security office and other management functions. The company has all kinds of advanced production equipment, engaged in product design staff with senior engineer and senior titles, years of experience in product design, the company attaches importance to product quality, equipped with a full set of testing, laboratory equipment, ad hoc product testing center to ensure product quality is stable and reliable.

The company continued product innovation research and development, the development of military products with high performance, high reliability, product quality is higher than similar domestic products, has reached the international level of similar products, to provide high-performance cable assembly users to replace the imported products. Products meet all the needs of military users.

Company in 2000 to establish a quality management system, in 2007 through the weapons and equipment quality system certification, GJB9001B-2009 has been running the first three cycles, the system running to maintain a high degree of effectiveness.

Companies focus on quality management, full quality awareness, and constantly implement the improvement, will increase product technology and product research and development efforts to good quality, first-class service and the majority of users more extensive and sincere cooperation.

Corporate purposes

Customer-centric, quality of survival

Strengthen scientific management, and implement continuous improvement

Improve product technology content, striving for "Kangsheng" brand