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     This sample cable assembly diagram is only an example, for reference purposes only. The company based on the actual needs of users, according to the requirements of the production of various types of cable assemblies. When ordering a cable assembly, please describe the type of connector used, the type of cable used, the length dimensions, and the label of the assembly. The length of the straight assembly is calculated from the connector end face and the length of the bent assembly is calculated from the centerline of the bent connector.

High-performance, low-loss, flexible RF coaxial cable assemblies have high frequency of use, low loss, and a certain degree of phase stability. Widely used in satellite communications, electronic warfare radar microwave electronic navigation system. It is one of the essential components and components necessary for a new generation of aerospace weaponry. Its mechanical phase stability can reach ± 0.5 degrees / GHz.
Adapter: SMA, SSMA, SMP, N and other series.

CNX3450 UFB311A and so on.

Millimeter wave cable assembly

The millimeter wave cable assembly products frequency range of DC-50GHz, connectors, including SMP series, 2.92 series, 2.4 series and so on. Millimeter wave cable assemblies include semi-flexible and semi-rigid cables.
Common cable
TIME50086, 50141, M / ATU120, EZ118 and the like. Cables such as SFT-50-2-1 can also be used with millimeter-wave cables.