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The KQMA series is a push-type, new-generation connector that has been innovated by the SMA series。

The KQMA connector has the same high quality electrical performance as the SMA series. KQMA series of connectors for its small size, light weight, bandwidth, low VSWR and easy installation and use, long life and other characteristics are widely used in radio frequency, microwave and digital mobile communications.

The KQMA Series features a 360-degree swappable swivel interface that offers double the speed of attachment and detachment over the original SMA-series swivel interface without the need for twisting tools and other devices and greatly enhances The reliability of interconnection, guaranteeing low loss and low reflection, this series of connectors allow fast, flexible installation while allowing greater assembly density, giving customers maximum control of the overall cost of RF, microwave and data communications The area of choice for the device.
KQMA type: the outer diameter of the conductor is 4.13mm (0.163min), the new push-in connection system, the characteristic impedance of 50Ω.